Thursday, November 5, 2009

Yesterday and last night I was working two jobs so here's a pair that I drew in my book last week and posted on Facebook. But the Face book images are too small. Maybe I'm just not a Facebook expert yet. These are just in my sketchbook so no models. I like to test my anatomy. I can't be like Frazetta where I say ' " Gee, I never drew a rabbit before" ' and slowly close my eyes , open them and proceed to draw a beautifully rendered and ACCURATE rabbit.' With no reference. I love that story. On these drawings my wife said " Enough with the muscle ladies already!" I have drawings of fat ladies eating Krispy Kreams in my book if you'd rather see that. Those were all drawings done at malls and museum cafeterias. I like drawing bone and muscle.
If I've offended any Krispy Kream lovers , I'm sorry.

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