Tuesday, November 17, 2009

First, this is not a sketchbook item. I'm cheating. This is actually a comp I did one day for a key art company. It was actually only done as a comp but they used it as a finished art. That's why it only took one work day to do.
But since we were on the subject of Painter 10 and what I was able to do with it I thought I'd through this one in. I only found out last week that it was ran in People magazine . I guess it ran in September. The main sketching was done in Photoshop. The pencil texture and spatters were done in Painter 10. I just have to move back and forth between the two if I want to get anything done. The car was first a 3d object that I staged and rendered in Strata 3d then used as a base.The faces of course were referenced but the figures and clothes were made up. I know if I were a REAL PRO I'd photograph models. But who the heck has time when you come in at 9:30 AM and the say they need it by 4PM and we need to see a couple of ruffs first to decide what should be in the image and then change things up to the last minute. Since this ran in publication already I suppose it's okay to post on my blog.

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  1. your work is astounding on this piece. If this is a one day comp, your client should have been more than impressed!