Monday, November 23, 2009

Nihon Fude pen

Just digging out the old Japanese brush pen. They are actually made for writing letters not for drawing. I first started buying them in the mid eighties to do storyboards and other sketching. I can only find them in Japanese stationary stores. There's a bit of a mark up when they come to the states so when ever I've gone to Japan I've picked up a lot of them - Much cheaper there - aside from the cost of the plane ticket to get there. I think that they are far superior to a lot of the brush pens you find in art stores. The ink on these pens are pretty dense so they don't dry very fast unless you draw on very absorbent paper- like copier paper. and of course they're perfect for practicing Kanji.
Just a quick little drawing because that's what I'm trying to limit this blog to.

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