Sunday, August 29, 2010

Older sketches

I was reorganizing my studio again and decided to have some book shelves dedicated to storing my sketchbooks. They date back to around 1972.
Sketchbooks are for keeping in practice drawing, recording ideas and also serve as a diary of sorts. I always meant to go back and revisit some of the sketches but I seldom do. Maybe I will do it more now.
Funny. Sometimes I look at the old ones and think I used to draw some things better back then . Or maybe I just wasn't as rushed when I was younger. What I do find is that it easier to look back quickly to see the different ways I used to draw. Pen, brush, pencil, marker, watercolor.
This page isn't that old . I think it's from early 2010 . I like the girl with the pointy nose.
I've been called a "nose man".

Friday, August 27, 2010

just Sketchy

just a real quick bit of sketchiness done in P.S. CS 5.
10 minutes . Maybe.

Monday, August 16, 2010

soft pencil in Moleskine

Just another little sketch.

Another sketch from Japan

Just a couple of people sketches done sitting outside of La Foret in Harajuku , Tokyo.
Great for people watching and sometimes people drawing . The only problem is that everybody is rushing around really fast! And it's always crowded.

The Art Crowd

I didn't actually draw this while they were standing there- It's just the impression of what I see when I go to the Art museum . People shuffling along from on piece to the next, reading the card next to it. All dressed pretty much with the same uniform : Kaki pants, white walking shoes and in this case all wearing nylon bomber jackets. Gray or no hair, glasses and back packs or fanny packs. I need to draw people in places other than museums. It's getting to be the same old thing. Well, at least they don't move very much.

San Francisco Sketchbook

Here are some Pencil sketches done at breakfast in San Francisco.
It's done in one of those little Moleskine books- 8X6 .
I like the really soft Design Ebony pencils for this book. Different papers need different pencils or pens. I need to find places to draw people.
This one Waitress had a great face. Fair complected, turned up blue eyes. Sometime you find "Interesting" faces that you like to draw. Other times pretty faces.
I think for me it's just trying to recreate that person in pencil. And to try and draw them without giving away that you are drawing them. Really tough sometimes - especially when they won't stand still!
I didn't get a chance to draw her face front on. Just a shape . These were actually copied from the place mat that I drew them on. I gave her those. You know - everyone have legal rights to their own likeness.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Standing figure

Photoshop drawing. No special set ups , no color.

Warrior Sketch 3

Another sketch. I like drawing musculature. This is another drawing from imagination.
The influence again is Pauline Nordin. She's my model for now.
I'm drawing in Photoshop CS 5 extended. I'm avoiding sketching in color because I find that it takes too long and is distracting when I should just be drawing not painting.
I really got to put together a collection of drawings with a theme. Make it a little more marketable. But in the end I really do this because I just want to draw.
click on the image.

Warrior Sketches

Again, just making myself draw. Setting my 21 inch Cintiq on my Norman Rockwell style drawing table seems to work well these days . I'm always changing the way I sit and work. Eventually I always get cramped up from sitting.
Here are just some figure drawings from imagination. The inspiration for the figure is again
Pauline Nordin. I think she has a great physique for action type illustrations. So I can't help but draw that.
I'm not saying that the likeness is all that great but when I do these I'm trying to draw a likeness without copying a photo of the person. If I were doing this for a job I would be using photography because you don't want to play around with the likeness , you just want it to be perfect.
In this case drawing a likeness that is in a made up pose that is not copied is part of the exercise.
As usual, click on the image to get a closer look.