Wednesday, November 18, 2009

still workin'

Just finished working on some LEGO illustration for today and decided to play around with Painter some more before I get back to working on Dreamworks stuff for tonight.
I always say that I'm starting to like painter more and more . It's just frustrating that it still has some awkward functions. I also notice how it looks so much better when I import a Painter image into Photoshop. This is just some sketching done on my 21 inch Cintiq. Heck , I've been sitting here drawing on it all day . Why switch gears now? I know. To get back to paper and pencil. Someone pointed out that Painter looks best if you work at 100 percent- Well it's true otherwise you can't see the painterly texture very well. So that's why there's a close up .
This one was drawn using mostly pastel brushes, some acrylic brushes in the hair and a little airbrush on the cheeks. Here's another example of " don't know what to draw". I did originally learn to draw from copying comics when I was 10 years old.
Okay, now let's see if I have any energy left to work on my Dreamworks project.

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