Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Live Model Session in Palms , Ca.

I'm so used to painting in Photoshop that I even use it when painting in a "Fine Arts" capacity.
This is a 4 hour pose session done At the Kline Academy of Art in Palms, California . 
These are great exercises for me to do because of my work I'm usually forced to draw figures and environments with no reference to go by but my memory. 
Obviously using a model or painting from a real environment is the best way to paint or draw representative art.  But  having to create an image of a flying saucer hoisting a giant sauropod across a futuristic cityscape  can create a challenge in the live model department. 
  By the way , I'm still a big fan of Photoshop but still trying to acknowledge that Corel Painter is good too! 

- Larry