Thursday, April 28, 2011

Quick Doodle

Just a quick soft pencil doodle before hitting the hay. This is what you get when your eyes are tired and you are getting sleepy and you've almost forgotten what it's like to use a real pencil on real paper. The features of the face look lopsided. Reminds me of when I was a kid and used to draw things with my head leaning over to the side. The drawing came out skewed and distorted.
Work has been non stop lately - still gotta make myself sketch something that's not part of an ad , storyboard or poster.
But that's the story with being a Freelance artist- Work as much as you can in case you get a slow period.
But those periods are never predictable .
So when I do get some slow time it take a little when to get out of the "work mode" .
Have to force myself. It feels better after you get rolling again.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Imaginary figure drawing at Midnight

I drew this just before midnight - about fifteen minutes spent I think.
Just need to draw figures.
After drawing this from Imagination it occurred to me that it's the same pose more or less of Pauline Nordin's image on the cover of the AST sports science product brochure. Some images are just stuck in my brain.
There are only so many poses the human body can do . Not exactly a "swipe" but an influence. plus it's just a sketch. ;-)

soft brush

A little sketch late at night.
Using speckled brush in photoshop, adding a texture to the brush and using transfer in the brush settings.
This setting seems to work very well to create a soft pastel effect.
Maybe fifteen minutes on this one - no model , just imagination as usual.