Monday, October 18, 2010

Taiko Idea

Just something I was playing around with today. I've been wanting to do something involving an O-daiko player. ( Big drum player)
I sort of like this but maybe it's a little too static looking. I Played taiko for a while so perhaps I get hung up on the proper form and stance. When I start thinking about technicalities then it starts to lose a little life. I thought I'd post this anyway. I'm pretty sure that this is not going to be the final version. I'm not doing this for anyone anyway Just an self given assignment.
You can see that the drum looks a little weird. That's because I used a 3d object that I imported to Photoshop. I know I can draw a taiko but why spend the time when this is just a rough.

Monday, October 11, 2010

in progress

I've been playing back and forth with this image for a couple of weeks now I guess.
a little bit here and a little bit there.
You can see the earlier versions of it in earlier posts. First as a rough sketch, then as an inking project. I liked the pose so much that I started painting it.
I know the back muscles are not right. It's because like most of my drawings it's all from memory.
I just can't be bothered to look for photo reference . I can never find just the right one . And if I do then I feel like I'm just copying a photo!
This again is another Pauline Nordin drawing of Fighter Diet Fame. She's my favorite model .
All the right elements. If I look at drawing I've done ten years ago I think she's there too.
So I must give credit!
I don't know where I'm going with this- I just need to work on it..
Of course it's not finished but I never know when something is finished.
This is why I'm showing it with all the photoshop palettes open.
It's all digital drawing and painting with adjustment layers to play around with color .
I did use a photo for the facial reference. I need something to keep me from doing countless interpretations of what I think someone looks like.
I'll keep playing with this one.