Monday, June 13, 2011

Mecca Girl Revisited

Well, This is a second stage of a sketch- Why do I do this? Because it's fun and it beats watching TV at night.
I really want to go back and revisit a lot of my sketches and develope them more. But I 'm torn between doing that and doing new sketches. The problem would be that I never do anything "Finished"
When I first started this blog I said I was going back to Pencil. Well obviously that changed . But at least the work here is not my professional , job related art.
So now for the particulars:
Drawn in Photoshop CS5 extended. Cintiq 21 inch Wacom tablet. Original file ( This one is cropped Jpeg) is 11 by 17 inches, 300DPI. ,RGB.
Mostly spatter brush with transfer turned on and pressure control on for opacity and flow.
More like painting in acrylic or oil.

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