Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mecca Girls

Okay, "Mecca Girls " is not my idea but an idea started by Christian Henesian who I drew in a previous post.
It's refering to girls how work out at the famous Gold's Gym in Venice ,California. So far I guess I've already drawn 3 of them . This is a quick one drawn at 11pm tonight. I can't say that it's an actual portrait or likeness because It doesn't really look like the person I think. More of an impression of the person's character.
Actually I've drawn a hand full of people that work out at Golds over the years. It's a great place for people watching. Much more intersting people to draw than hanging out at some diner or coffee shop. But I guess that depends on what part of town you hang out in .
Well at Gold's at least you also get to view some great physiques and not some flabby bellied trucker sitting down to have some pie and coffee at the local diner. And I know there are plenty of artist that just live to draw that type of crowd but it just isn't what I want to draw. As a matter of fact I was thinking about how I draw in my sketchbook as opposed other artists. Some sketch at a coffee shop while observing their model. I tend to observe my model , then go home and try to draw them from memory. People tend to move too much any way.
plus I don't get bogged down by what the person actually looks like or what they're doing.


  1. I agree with all that you say except I go to the gym to workout. Occasionally, I see something like the kids at a Valentine's party at the club that was too cute not to draw. Luckily, I had a sketchbook with me. And, I have had the embarrassing moments when people asked you to draw them, and I blow it, ha!

    To me, it is sometimes more work than fun unless it is about someone or in one of my interests. Like baseball. Mainly, it is about feeling confident enough to say I can draw anything I see. You know, keeping your chops up like taking 100 ground balls and hoping the ball gets hit to you instead of praying it doesn't, ha!

    All that being said, I enjoy seeing your stuff, and glad we can share on Facebook and blogs!

  2. Larry. I love the Mecca girls theme. You have captured Caro, Christina, and Paulina perfectly! I love it! I would be honored if you sketched me! See you at the Mecca! Hedda

  3. Oh, Ben- I definitely work out when I'm there! But you can't help but notice people in between sets. I took my sketch book to the gym maybe
    15 years ago. But you can't work out and draw at the same time!
    I told a friend of mine that I draw in my head.
    - Hedda- I'll see you soon! The "Mecca Girls" theme I borrowed from Christina. Pauline has been my biggest influence. And not just for drawing! ;-)