Friday, July 8, 2011

Mecca Girl Revisited II

Just coming back to this one to see where it goes. This is just a little tighter so it's just a progress report .
I've been really busy with commercial work so sometimes that really wears me down but also it gets me to do things a little tighter . Right now I'm waiting to get the go ahead on a project that's going to take all my time for the next week . But I can't start until I get the right concept approved. The longer they take to approve the shorter time I'll have to work on it.
I'll post it after the end of the month because for now I'm under a confidentiallty agreement.
It ought to be fun .
Remember to click on the imaage to get a bigger version.


  1. I just dropped in to see what condition your condition is in.Yeh, yeh, yeh, ooooooooooh yeh!

  2. aw man! this is really good! great job!