Monday, June 6, 2011

Drawing day 2011

Here's a quick sketch I did just for Drawing Day. I did three. I just found out about it on Drawing Day from my friend Michael Lee who posted one of his drawings. There where hundreds of drawings posted but it seems like very few professionals posted anything. Maybe they didn't because it was giving away free art? Or maybe because it was world wide they wanted to display their best art? In any case there were hundreds of kid drawings, amature drawings, anime fan drawings, copied photograph drawings. Mostly it was just a fun thing to do!
I pretty much Draw everyday anyway, so why not?
Another thing- I guess I interpreted drawing day as a day where you draw so I post only things that I drew on that day. But I guess that's not the way it works because there are things on the site's gallery that you know some one worked on for more than a day. Not that I'm going to post things that I've slaved over because I really like to draw quickly and move on. Maybe come back and revisit some drawings .
That should be the reason for doing this anyway . Get some ideas out and see if anything calls for more exploring.

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