Sunday, September 26, 2010

People working out

Just some sketchbook silliness.
I was working out next to some one who looked pretty much like this. The thing about working out and getting your body temp up is that if you are wearing perfume or cologne it tends to become stronger. Whew! And how do you wear so much make up with out it wearing off from the sweat? I guess the secret is not to sweat too much!
When I work out at Gold's Gym in Venice California I tend to feel like an out sider. I'm not a behemoth , I don't have numerous body piercings and I have no tattoos. *sigh*
A lot of people there seem to be screaming for attention. The good thing is that it gives me some good fuel for drawing!
I drew this in my sketch book but did some color in Photoshop- and obviously some type.

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