Friday, January 29, 2010

Using photoshop like chalk

Most of these drawings start off as scribbles because I don't know what I'm going to draw when I do these. So just a line , just a gesture and maybe it looks like something to hang more lines onto. This sketch was done in photoshop using it like chalk and pencil. I could use Painter but Photoshop still seems to move more smoothly. Either I'll have to find some figure drawing studio or hire a model so I'm not just relying on memory to draw.
As for drawing like chalk in photoshop , Some people have asked me about the settings.
Pretty simple. Choose any brush , make sure the "Other Dynamics" are set to pen pressure and that those are set to zero ( or play around with it ) and sometimes activate textures on the brush and play around with that. I've done the same in painter but photoshop get's there quicker. Depends on what your final goal is.

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