Friday, January 8, 2010

Louise de Keroualle at the Getty

Okay , Nothing new right now. I've been spending all my working time trying to finish up my Shrek Storybook for Penguin and Dreamworks.
So at least I can post a digital painting that was done at the J. Paul Getty Museum.
I used my Modbook and painted in Photoshop on this one. I don't know if anyone paints in Museums anymore like they used to do "In the old days".
But at least I can paint digitally . I don't need to bring in oils and and easel and get written permission from the museum. You used to be able to do it at the Louvre but I haven't been there in so long. This is of an oil painting of some rich cat's mistress. Don't ask me who or for any particulars. I'm not one of those artists that knows names , dates and trivia about the artists and their histories. I just like the paintings and like to study them.

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