Monday, August 16, 2010

San Francisco Sketchbook

Here are some Pencil sketches done at breakfast in San Francisco.
It's done in one of those little Moleskine books- 8X6 .
I like the really soft Design Ebony pencils for this book. Different papers need different pencils or pens. I need to find places to draw people.
This one Waitress had a great face. Fair complected, turned up blue eyes. Sometime you find "Interesting" faces that you like to draw. Other times pretty faces.
I think for me it's just trying to recreate that person in pencil. And to try and draw them without giving away that you are drawing them. Really tough sometimes - especially when they won't stand still!
I didn't get a chance to draw her face front on. Just a shape . These were actually copied from the place mat that I drew them on. I gave her those. You know - everyone have legal rights to their own likeness.

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