Sunday, August 29, 2010

Older sketches

I was reorganizing my studio again and decided to have some book shelves dedicated to storing my sketchbooks. They date back to around 1972.
Sketchbooks are for keeping in practice drawing, recording ideas and also serve as a diary of sorts. I always meant to go back and revisit some of the sketches but I seldom do. Maybe I will do it more now.
Funny. Sometimes I look at the old ones and think I used to draw some things better back then . Or maybe I just wasn't as rushed when I was younger. What I do find is that it easier to look back quickly to see the different ways I used to draw. Pen, brush, pencil, marker, watercolor.
This page isn't that old . I think it's from early 2010 . I like the girl with the pointy nose.
I've been called a "nose man".

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