Sunday, May 23, 2010

Violent figures

I just came back from looking at Leonardo da Vinci's horse drawings that are being displayed at the J. Paul Getty Center in L.A.
It takes me back to when I really wanted to become an artist- when I was about 13 and was able to get to the Central Library in downtown San Diego. They had a much better collection of Art books than at my local area library. I was able to borrow books on Leonardo and Michelangelo
and copy their drawings and learn from them .
At the exhibition of Leonardo's drawings I was amazed to see how tiny his drawings were, even though I've seen them before. He must have been working in direct sunlight to be able to see such tiny detail.
I'm not comparing my drawing to any of the old masters it's just that I like to see drawings where the artist is figuring things out and creating from his mind. That's where a lot of the fun in drawing is.
This is just a group of figures. When do you see a group of male nudes in various poses in art if it's not in some classical scene from history of mythology? That's why this turned out like this.
I used Painter 11 using Conte tool followed by Acrylic brush.
Nothing new in technique, just drawing.

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