Saturday, May 29, 2010

Either flying or lying

This is a typical "start drawing a head and see where that takes you" sketch.
This ended up looking like the pencil work for a comic book inker. It has that classic Comic Book
drawing look. Well that is where I started to learn to draw... from comics. It's probably obvious.
Seems like with this style you need to be a little more careful to keep the lines clean because you end up handing over to an inker who has to follow your lines. I don't like that idea. I used to have to do that at Disney. But most times I'd want to ink it myself. I was told that if you do a scribble on the side of the page that the inker would ink that too. They were very literal.
Maybe I'll start to ink this even though it's on ruff paper. Hot pressed bristol is the way to go on inking.
This was drawn in my 9 X 12 aquabee Sketch book.

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