Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fantasy Warrior

This is a sketch based on a photo of someone I know. I can't say that it's a likeness really because it doesn't really looks like her . But you could say that it's inspired by the photo.
This was done only in Photoshop on my 21 inch cintiq. There are a lot of things about it that I don't like but then it's not a finished piece. Just a sketch and the reason to do a sketch is to see if you want to pursue it further. I would do this one over again but the point of this blog was to do things quickly and not over work it . Just to get things out.
I get used to working in grays because of some of the work that I do where color isn't needed.
It gives you less to think about so you can just think about form and mass.
I originally liked the stance in the photo that this was based on but I don't think I got it.
The head is also a bit weird. I didn't use the pose that was in the photo - I just made it up .
I find it hard to use models because they never do what you want them to do . But you do need them sometimes!

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