Thursday, April 29, 2010

Adjusting Hair

This is a drawing done from memory ( As are about 98 percent of my drawings) of a woman Adjusting her hair. The subject has been a favorite for artists through out art history. So I'm
just following the call. Usually it's a woman at the bath or at a stream or being visited upon by Zeus. In this case it's a girl on an Elliptical Cardio machine.
Actually it is again some one I know and when I saw her fixing her hair I thought "There's a nice image for a drawing".
When you see this subject matter in art you don't often see arms and shoulders like that unless it's Michelangelo. That brother could draw some arms!
So here's the tech story on this . Drawing started in Painter 11 using Conte on my Modbook.
But I still find Painter 11 a little stiff so I opened it in Photoshop to continue drawing. Just like using pastels. Just not as messy.
Also this was done during my flight to Japan so there's the reason for using a computer and drawing from memory!

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