Thursday, December 17, 2009

Graphite in Sketchbook

I just adjusted my drawing table to be at a comfortable height. I've never found the perfect table but the old cast iron base table I have in the studio is classic and simple. Since it's an Iron pedestal you can scoot right up to the edge with out banging you knees into any table legs.
Norman Rockwell had this exact table base but he used it as a huge palette.
Although I do most of my professional work on the computer using photoshop 4 and some Painter 11 I still want to have traditional equipment in the studio. It can get crowded in here .
Oh yeah, the drawing . Fifteen minutes of graphite on hard Aquabee sketch book. I've been using aquabee for years now. Mainly because they are real sturdy and the paper can take a lot .
Maybe not the best for inking with brush but not bad either. It's cold press.

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