Monday, December 21, 2009

coffee house sketches

Coffee houses were my favorite places to draw people. Cafeterias are good too. People tend to sit still for at least ten seconds. Since I don't drink coffee or eat in cafeterias much I don't do this very often anymore. Cafe Trieste in San Francisco's North Beach is a favorite even though I Live in L.A. I guess coffee houses are better than restaurants because there's no dinner plates to take up room. These were done in a Moleskine 4X6 sketchbook with my favorite "Fude no Pen" by Pentel. It's the short one that you stick in your pocket. I think these should display at actual size . maybe a little bigger.

1 comment:

  1. Absolutely love these! I love drawing with brushes as well have been working mostly in brush for all my jobs for a while now but since I've gone digital, have had to adapt some pencil brushes to work more like brushes. Anyway- great sketches, man!