Thursday, July 13, 2017

Back to Life Drawing .Back to Paper.

I see it's been quite a while since I've made a post on this blog .
Sometimes between every other out let  I forget I even have this blog  . But it's good for posting higher resolution images.
So Back to paper and pencils------
    Okay maybe not for Professional work because  working digitally is just too valuable  in
terms of working with others on a project.
I'm just a part of a larger team when I work professionally.
And working digitally is so versatile .
  But I need to get back to basics some times . Like a student . This is a "Long Pose".
Longer that 25 minutes.
A 3 hour pose actually .
Well you don't actually draw non stop for 3 hours . The poor Model has to hold very still for long enough . She needs a break now and then.
This is done with Prima pencil on Vellum.
The Prima pencil because it doesn't smear and is hard to erase  so you don't spend too much time erasing.    And the vellum  is just nice with a smooth surface and fine tooth.
 - Larry

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