Thursday, March 24, 2011

old influence

I drew this today while waiting again for some input on a job I'm working on .
As usual it starts with a doodle or a scribble and just start to take shape . Looks like it turned into an Angel.
I think it's an image that I saw in my bed room growing up in my mother's Catholic home.
There's this well known painting of an angel guiding two children across this rickety bridge that spans an enormous abyss . I remember the peaceful look on the Angel's face and the huge white wings.
But when you're 4 or five years old it can look a little scary.
I like working in Photoshop because I can treat it like paint. So instead of "Drawing" it's more like drawing with a paint brush.
If you've been following my blog at all you probably recognized the model influence.
I just like drawing her figure- it's my favorite so far for drawing. Of course I won't be using her if I have to draw a chubby girl or one of those "1950's babes" but for lines and musculature Pauline Nordin is my pick.
I spent about an hour on this one - I'm working another job right now but I'm on stand-by mode so this is sort of a lunch time drawing .

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