Thursday, February 10, 2011

Super Hero

Soft pencil sketch to keep me drawing .
About 20 minutes on this one- I think. I don't really time these things. :-)
What was the attraction to drawing comics when I was younger? It wasn't the dumbs stories that seemed to be just about two muscle guys in tights beating each other up for no apparent reason. and it wasn't the ridiculous
costumes . It was all about drawing figures . They were all twisting and flying . Even when they were doing nothing they were in dynamic poses!
That's when I was about 10 years old. I used to copy the drawings until I figured out that I could re-draw them in any pose I wanted. I wasn't limited to the poses in the comic books.
Later I discovered Michelangelo. Now those were all super heros on the Sistine Chapel! Each figure was in a dynamic pose. Each one was flying. And each one was buff and ripped! Even the women! I later learned that Michelangelo used male models for his women. He could not draw or sculpt breasts AT ALL! Sorry fans!
I just want to draw figures and super heroes are just an excuse!


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