Thursday, November 11, 2010

Perseus and Medusa

I went over to the J. Paul Getty Center today and brought along my Modbook.
Sure I can draw in a sketchbook but with the Modbook I can work in full color.
I just need to make myself paint/draw from paintings and sculptures to refresh my mind of things that are not tainted by modern times.
Of course I'm painting from ancient art using modern technology but I think the muses will forgive me .
Here I'm painting in Photoshop CS5 at about 7 x6 inches at around 200 DPI.
Usually when I start one of these I think it's going to come out crappy because I see I need to spend more time that I'm willing to stand in front of a painting.
But as the minutes pass by I find that I'm getting involved with the process of figuring out the
lights and darks, the warms and cools and the lines of composition.
This is just one figure in a small painting by Sebastiano Ricci depicting Perseus and the head of the Gorgon Medusa.
Some day I'm going to have to take my Modbook over to the Louvre!
Click on the image to get a larger view.

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