Thursday, June 24, 2010

Soft pencil Hard paper

Just another pencil in sketchbook drawing.
Still experimenting with the Photoshop CS5 . The brush tool is is getting easier to handle . Way faster that Painter. That wet on wet is still hard for me to control at this stage so I keep going back to the old spatter point brush with my own settings.
The 'Other Dynamics option has changed it's name to Transfer now but it still works the same.
Trying to get a handle on some of my 3d programs today . Just gotta study .
It's real good for doing things like packaging - but that's work stuff.....

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  1. I got the trial version of CS5 and messed with it a little but so far I don't like it. Unless I come across some free time to play more with it and change my mind, I have no plans to upgrade...